Non-Broadcast Voiceover…

Non-broadcast voiceover” covers a lot of ground... You name it, I’ve likely at least dabbled with it. The vast majority of non-broadcast projects I work on are Web Videos and eLearning. Though I have experience with everything from Award Show “Voice Of God” announcing, to pre-produced In-Arena Announcements/Team Intros to get the fans revved up. The latest super cool project I had the opportunity to voice was for The New York Times and GE. GE partnered with T Brand Studio to create a 360 virtual reality journey through the wilds of nature to the efficiency of GE’s modern machines. You can see it for yourself if you download the NYT Virtual Reality app.

Web Explainer Videos

Most of the “non-broadcast” voiceovers I do are Web Explainer Videos. Online video is definitely where it’s at. There are many different schools of thought on Web Video and it’s ever-changing… The majority of the explainer video voice overs I do are essentially online elevator pitches. This is who we are, what we do and how it works!



eLearning is pretty straightforward. I typically supply eLearning narrations fully edited and labeled according to client’s instructions. Files are then posted in a .zip folder to my FTP site for easy download. I find it makes it a little bit easier to implement when the segments are already edited for you. (Most clients request that.) If you need some info for an upcoming project, feel free to send me some of the details, script length, your timeline, etc. and I'd be happy to send you a quote and a custom audition.

Animation Pre-lay

Pre-lay is a fascinating experience. I really enjoy seeing the little bits and pieces come together for a character and being part of the process of bringing it to life! I was once hired to do a voice match for Rachel McAdams during pre-lay animation for The Little Prince.  Very cool!


In my world telephony = anything to do with a phone. That's anything from simple voicemail greeting, to Message On Hold loops, to monster IVR projects with hundreds (and hundreds!) of prompts. Again, with phone projects all voiceover files are posted in a .zip folder to my FTP site for easy download. And if you have some unique needs (phone systems all seem to be a bit particular…) just let me know what the specifics are and we can make it happen!


I’ve had the opportunity to work with developers on many different types of apps. A notable project was for, a company based in London, Ontario. It’s a free app that my little nieces and many of my friends with “little’s” have played with to learn their ABC’s. You can read more about the project on the VDC blog.

Another App I really got a kick out of was for DriveScribe. DriveScribe transforms your mobile phone into a personal safe driving coach. Get real-time driving help, reduce distractions.


I currently volunteer as an audiobook narrator for Learning Ally. A national nonprofit in the United States, dedicated to bringing parents, teachers and the community together to empower students who are dyslexic, blind or visually impaired to succeed.

Video Games

Every time I walk past an arcade, I poke my head in. Not just because I love a good game of air hockey… but I’m waiting to find a game called “Speed of Light” created by LAI Games. If you ever get the chance to play, listen closely to the gal counting you down and cheering you on!  Voiceover sessions for arcade games are a blast!  Check it out as part of the set on Nickelodeon’s "Game Shakers!"

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