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Narration projects seem to have taken a turn from the standard rich deep trademark 'announcer' type voices as more and more companies realize that people want to listen to someone they'd like to have a conversation with… at least, that’s a trend that I’ve been noticing. I’m hearing more real, easygoing voices... someone that reminds me of one of my friends.

I LOVE narration! It’s my happy place. :) Web videos, presentations, sales and training videos... It’s so cool to learn something new every day… and I think it's so neat to see the finished product in action! (Don’t get me wrong radio can be fun, too... but you don't get to play with fancy pictures.)
I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects. Some of my latest work is below.

How to get in touch for an audition or quote

Email me or call the studio at 250-275-4778. 9 times out of 10, my partner Stu picks up the phone. If I’m in a session he’s always happy to answer any questions or set up a booking. Basically, he keeps my poop in a group. One of us will return your email within 12 hours at a maximum (time zones can make things a bit tricky!) But usually you can expect a response within a couple hours. If we’re not able to take your phone call immediately, feel free to leave a message and we’ll do our best to return your phone call ASAP.

Want a little more testosterone in your project?

So if you’re looking for the exact opposite of what I sound like. Never fear, I got your hookup. If you’re looking for a little more “testosterone” in your project, I’d be happy to cut you an audition doing my best Morgan Freeman, but, full disclosure it’s probably going to suck. Check out my partner site, and listen to some of the talented male voice talents I have the pleasure of working with. It’s a small but elite roster of some of the world’s most talented, flexible and professional voice talents. And I can vouch on their reliability. They’ll deliver the same studio quality, turnaround times and professionalism that I expect of myself. We’ve been working together for years, on all sorts of projects, from Broadcast projects for TV and radio, online “explainer videos” to non-broadcast projects like Corporate Narrations, eLearning, IVR and in arena presentations... you name it and we’ve probably attacked it together. I don’t vouch for just anyone, but these VO guys are good by me. If I’m not a fit for your project, shoot me an e-mail or give Stu or myself a call in the studio at 250-275-4778 and we’d be happy to make a suggestion and supply you with the perfect male voiceover for your project!


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Shoot ME an email: erin@teamsetch.com
or give me a shout at the studio at

(I'm on Pacific Standard Time and I'm around weekdays after 9am...)


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